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The Amy Marie Pacheco Show (Program)

Hosted by: Amy Pacheco
Broadcast: Live!
Genre: Spirituality

Angelic Reiki Master and Psychic Channel Amy Marie Pacheco wants to Geek-Out and talk to YOU about Spirit, Energy Healing, Law of Attraction, Ghosts/Paranormal, Quantum Physics, Cryptids, Fairies, PSI Research, and many other Wonderfully Weird topics. Come hang out on Facebook while listening and share YOUR Weird or Woo Woo stories and experiences! And who knows? If you happen to be in the Facebook Chat you might possibly receive a channeled reading?

Please join Amy Marie each week for her ‘Woo Woo Review’ segment where she and her guests explore Weird and Woo Woo listener-directed topics from “A”ngels to Crypto”Z”oology.
What do you want to know more about?
Let’s learn about it together!

See you on Mondays at 10am PST and Let’s Get Weird!
Tin Foil accessories are optional.

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