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Tayah ''Osâwâ'' Lanteigne is a quantum leaper with a big heart: diving deep and soaring high! She is a creative vocal coach and sound healer, mystic, and spiritual counselor. Motivated by compassion for people and the planet, she encourages herself and others to live with deeper integrity, honesty, and authenticity. With her business, SoundPlay Therapeutics, Tayah offers gentle and dynamic personal coaching, group workshops, sound meditations, and healing ceremonies. She is a certified Soul Voice® practitioner, an active member of Soul Voice® International, and a spiritual advisor at 12Listen.com.

Activated through voice training and Indigenous ceremony since 2012, Tayah now works intimately and intuitively with sound and vibrational medicine and Earth wisdom; creating, clearing and holding space for healing. Guided by inner world journeys and visions, Tayah answered the call of her soul to transform her life into one of deeper connection and authenticity. Through her initiations and training, Tayah traversed an arduous terrain of depression, burnout, divorce, self-sabotage, death urges, and self-imposed limitations - a ''dark night of the soul'' - and emerged from the Void with new vitality, confidence, and direction for her life. She uses her Cree spirit name as a constant reminder to embody her light on the planet. The heart and mission of ''Osâwâ Achak Isqwew,'' Golden Star Woman, is to be a light of Love, bridging the inner and outer worlds and beyond with her voice as an instrument of compassionate transformation.

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