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Caroline N (Host)

Hello! I am an Angel Intuitive, a Spiritual Counselor and a Health Intuitive from the UK who can help you find what's in store for you, what's going on for you, and what in your past is ready for clearing. Often we are unaware of what is holding us back or making us repeat the same behaviors, and I work with you to help you move into health, abundance, purpose, love, and happiness.

After years in the corporate world, in international sales, I found myself in ill-health. More than that, I was physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted. I went in search of me. In 2005 I trained as a Health Intuitive, and started a full time practice. During a session, I tune into the wisdom of your body and identify energetic blocks. Using various techniques I am able to shift these blocks and reprogram your body's instructions. I talk to the healing wisdom of the body mind complex asking the body what it needs to do to find greater balance, health, and happiness. In my experience, it can take more than one session, depending on how long you have had the issue and how serious it is.

In addition to training as a Health Intuitive, in 2009 I trained as an Angel Intuitive whilst working at an addictions treatment centre in Kentucky. This is very close to my heart as I myself have dealt with addiction and was able to gain my sobriety in 2007.

Using both practices, I help clients find their way on this messy, crazy, wonderful journey called life. Within the sessions I also often pick up on Past Lives that are having an impact on this life time and work to remove the hold that they have on you this time around.

I live in the North East of England in Darlington and am setting up a horticultural therapy project to help those with PTSD, and other mental health issues. After years of travelling it feels good to be settling somewhere with a project that is literally putting down roots.

I look forward to connecting with you on 12radio.com. Look for my Health Intuitive Sessions in the Email Based Services section of 12Listen.com. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and I look forward to working with you.

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