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Sasquatch's Message to Humanity / New DNA evidence

Originally broadcast on Wednesday, Oct 12, 2022 7:00 PM (Pacific Time).

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Duration:58 minutes
Hosted by: Raven McMinn
Genre: Informational

Join Raven McMinn for a special edition of Raven's Rabbit Hole featuring an important "Message To Humanity", - a letter from a Sasquatch elder, given to Sasquatch contactee, Sunbow Truebrother on 9/21/2022.
Later in the show, Raven plays voice recordings of Sasquatch, provided by Bigfoot researcher and contactee Mike Patterson. Additional voice recordings can be heard on his website and YouTube channel of the same name: Sasquatchontario.com
A new 5-year long study with rigorous testing into the DNA of Sasquatch has recently concluded and it reveals that Sasquatch's mitochondrial DNA is indeed Human. As a member of the Human family they need protection from hunters and trophy /fame-seekers. They are NOT an Ape nor an animal. Dr. Melba Ketchum has continued her research despite the attempts to discredit her findings that were initially released in 2013. According to George Knapp and David Paulides, the evidence from the new study is solid and currently under peer-review. They anticipate a release to be made public this month. For more details about this study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VzP02_Btpc