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Strange Phenomena & Mysteries / Read Me (Program)

Hosted by: Raven, Kelly, and Katie
Broadcast: Live!
Genre: Paranormal

Kelly, Raven,and Katie will host two shows, each one broadcast semimonthly (see below):

Strange Phenomena
Do you feel your spine tingle by strange phenomena? Are you un-nerved by the unexplainable? Are you terrorized by the thought of extra-terrestrials; mesmerized by mysteries; and creeped out by crawly creatures? 12Ghost Busters and Paranormal experts, Kelly McClain, Raven McMinn, and Katie Weaver promise to help unravel the mysteries that so often leave our hearts thumping and our minds wandering. Each show is an examination of a New or Classic phenomenon! Sometimes with a guest and often with just these purveyors of the pretty creepy, each show is sure to keep you glued to 12radio. Every other Thursday

Read Me
Read Me Is an intuitive readings show. Readings are done based on questions in the chat room or from the phone lines. Between Katie and Kelly, a wide array of modalities are used, from tarot to energy healings, psychic hits, empathic impressions, chakra healing, Angels, numerology, crystals, divination and probably more. We strive to have everyone feeling lighter by the end of the show.