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Raven's Rabbit Hole (On Demand)

Special Guest: Tara Elizabeth Holowaty on The Akashic Records

Originally broadcast on Wednesday, Jan 5, 2022 7:00 PM (Pacific Time).

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Duration:58 minutes
Hosted by: Raven McMinn
Genre: Informational/Empowerment

Join Raven McMinn and her special guest Tara Elizabeth Holowaty for a dive down the Rabbit Hole into The Akashic Records. Tara, an experienced Reader, Fairyologist, Artist, and fellow Capricorn, candidly talks about her Spiritual journey and teachers who have had a significant influence in her life. She and Raven discuss how best to phrase questions in preparation for an Akashic Record reading. Tara also introduces us to the story of The Christmas Witch that is a tradition from Italy.
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