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Raven's Rabbit Hole (On Demand)

Special Guest: LynAnne Moon Winter Solstice/Yule/12 Days of Christmas

Originally broadcast on Wednesday, Dec 20, 2023 7:00 PM (Pacific Time).

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Duration:58 minutes
Hosted by: Raven McMinn
Genre: Informational

Join Raven McMinn and her special guest, LynAnne Moon as they take you down the Rabbit hole on the pagan roots of many Christmas traditions and give a 'unique perspective' on the 12 Days of Christmas!
LynAnne Moon is a gifted psychic medium, Tarot reader, and a practicing Witch. Her many years of experience and mastery of the Craft make her a highly sought after Wise Woman.
You can find LynAnne most Saturday nights on YouTube on Nathan's Quantum Show Panel at 10:30 PM/CST