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Emotional Bandwidth

Originally broadcast on Wednesday, Mar 16, 2022 4:00 PM (Pacific Time).

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Duration:60 minutes
Hosted by: Jay Varvel
Genre: Spiritual and Self Empowerment

I broadcast LIVE on a new day and time, today in fact!! I’m now on Wednesday’s at 4pm Pacific on 12Radio.com! My topic for tonight is the idea of “Emotional Bandwidth” and how it’s a gift we have to give each day, similar to the idea of a pot of gold. It’s an opportunity for us all to check in on our emotions, feelings and most importantly our focus. Let’s talk about it! Come join the conversation and Facebook LIVE Simulcast, by going to Facebook and searching “12Radio”. It’s a private group to keep our deep and meaningful conversations private, so send over your invite so I can welcome you to our warm and compassionate heartfelt group!