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Raven's Rabbit Hole (On Demand)

New Revelations on Atlantis & Lemuria / The Itipurians

Originally broadcast on Wednesday, Nov 24, 2021 7:00 PM (Pacific Time).

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Duration:58 minutes
Hosted by: Raven McMinn
Genre: Informational/Empowerment

Join Raven McMinn for an exploration into one of her many cosmic rabbit holes. This week is a dive back in time to the days just before the sinking of Atlantis. New information has been disclosed from the book: "A Hypnotist's Journey to Atlantis" by Sarah Breskman Cosme. Sarah is a QHHT level #3 practitioner. (QHHT is a deep hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon that facilitates healing from the Quantum realm.)
The Extra-terrestrial of the week is: The Itipurians