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Strange Phenomena & Mysteries w/Raven, Kai, and Nancy (On Demand)

Crystal Caves, Creature Feature Carnivorous Giants

Originally broadcast on Friday, Aug 17, 2018 11:00 AM (Pacific Time).

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Duration:60 minutes
Hosted by: Nancy Newman
Guests: 12 Originals
Nancy Newman
Raven McMinn & Nancy Newman
Genre: Metaphysical/Spiritual

Raven introduced the new segment of the show: The news (name subject to change LOL). This week she told us about a sealed sarcophagus found in Egypt. You have to listen to what they found inside!! Kai talked about the cave systems and highlighted a cave in Chihuahua, Mexico with 4 ft wide and 50 feet long selenite crystals! Finally, Nancy talked about Carnivorous Giants found around the world and in the US, who apparently liked to dine on any humans they could catch! What a show! What a show!