Sunday, 09/24
10:00 AM PT
Encore Alive and Live with Lisa D
Hosted by Lisa D..

Share my Near Death Experience and my knowledge of the experience and death. Share information regarding Near Death studies and stories from others. Assist others with their questions regarding life after death, the other side, and dealing with death. Enforce your co-create and what you believe is what is. Your conscience is your guide.

Sunday, 09/24
11:00 AM PT
Encore Pathways to Consciousness & Healing
Hosted by Jim Komar.
The show is hosted by Jim Komar who is a psychic advisor at 12listen and a master energy therapist focusing on healing at all levels. The show will explore different subjects and realities from the ordinary to the unusual. A variety of topics will be discussed ranging from health wellness and healing, relationships, energy, love, past lives, knowledge of the ancients, chakras, money, God, mediation and much more.

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Karen J Lewis (Host)

I came into this life with my psychic/intuitive and empathic abilities amplified and ready to use.  At a very young age I began receiving profound precognitive messages through visions and dreams… they proved to be extremely accurate.  As the years went on my abilities became increasingly stronger and more accessible; I have dedicated much of my life to understanding and refining my role as a conduit between client and Spirit.   No one is more of an expert on your life than you. So I hesitate to say I’m here to help you, it seems condescending. I do know that I often feel better when someone listens in such a way that they are looking at my life from the same vantage point and can offer a new or different perspective and insight. Whatever it is that happens between my clients and myself - one thing is universally true, A POSITIVE SHIFT OCCURS. Clarity and guidance rolls in and troubles seem to move on faster; Synergy I suppose, from a collusion of our energies. It's what life is about - should you decide to call, I will extend into your vantage point with all that I have, (I've been told I have a lot) and share the answers I am given for you. Here's to Us
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