Thursday, 03/22
02:00 AM PT
Encore Out of Mo's Mind
Hosted by Mo.
Talk about life, love, metaphysics, culture, ancient history, symbolism and occasional reviews. Interesting topics. Metaphysical discussion and weekly predictions by sign.

Thursday, 03/22
03:00 AM PT
Encore Kindred Spirits
Hosted by Kristi Brower.
Join Kristi Brower and her Kindred Spirits including Archangels, Goddesses and divine beings as they channel messages, offer guidance and healing. Have you ever wondered if you have an Archangel or Goddess who is your kindred spirit? Have you ever felt a supportive presence and wondered who it is? Let Kristi and her team be your guide!

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Barbara C. (Host)

Barbara C is a professional Healer, Psychic Advisor, Reiki practitioner, Tarot/Palm reader, Manifestation Counselor, and Crystal Enthusiast for nearly 20 years. Through her travels and exploits in Europe and the USA, she has learned a lot of metaphysical techniques and methods that she implements in her spiritual work.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, so Barbara C enjoys introducing all sides of the spiritual, both serious and lighter. As an advisor, Barbara C tells it how it is in a loving way. She brings the same straightforwardness to her radio show. So, buckle up and let's get to exploring and having fun! Chocolate may or may not be involved.

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