Wednesday, 01/18
02:00 PM PT
Encore Starman Speaks
Hosted by James Ray.

Starman Speaks is a weekly broadcast bringing you an opportunity to see the world from a fresh perspective. We will discuss the transformational power of astrological events and transits. It is our goal to bring you some practical tips and techniques to make every day and every moment more peaceful and joyful.

Each Friday you will have the opportunity to call in and speak with James directly, specific or general, James will offer compassionate and honest insight.

Everyone is welcome, and there is no prerequisite for understanding that you are loved and we are all family.

Wednesday, 01/18
03:00 PM PT
Encore The Jamie Dawn Show
Hosted by Jamie Dawn.
Encore presentation of It's A New dawn

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Anita Ahuja (Host)

As a highly talented medium, Anita has communicated with many deceased loved ones and high profile spirits. While working with victims of the September 11th tragedy, she learned that Angelic assistance and mediumship are very powerful forms of healing. A first-generation American of East Indian descent, Anita is very familiar with cultural conflicts and healing family divisions including generational healing and the removal of perceived curses.

Anita's faith is in love and her hope is to create a world free of violence and completely engulfed in divine light. She is also devoted to performing and directing in community theater.

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