Sunday, 04/22
08:00 PM PT
Encore Psychic Katt Show
Hosted by Psychic Katt.
The Psychic Katt show serves as a home where others can highlight their own spiritual gifts as well as initiating a forum of charitable organizations through people who share their personal experiences when faced with circumstances or events that touch our hearts and souls. It is a place to manifest and witness miracles of humanity.

Sunday, 04/22
09:00 PM PT
Encore Against the Rules With Brittani
Hosted by Brittani O..

Join Brittani as we explore the world around us with a metaphysical twist. She has a passion for helping you get in touch with your own intuition and that's what she's here to do. We'll evaluate the things we think we ''know'', and explore the things we don't and see what resonates and what doesn't.

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Thursday Night Lights (Program)

Hosted by: Thursday Night Lights
Broadcast: Live!
Genre: Entertainment

NOTE: Armed & Dating and Oh My Angels are Alternating shows, which means that what plays this week, the other show plays next week.

Armed & Dating is a biweekly production of a mature audience call in advice show focusing on relationships of all types. Hosted by two modern women with equal amounts of common ground and divergent opinions, this show promises to be bold, entertaining, empowering, and hilarious. Tackling everything from online dating to marital issues to sexuality and bedroom advice, these 2 smoking guns, ''Pistol'' and ''Firecracker'' will never leave you wondering! The following week we will be airing

Oh My Angels by Peggee.
Peggee will be talking about how Angels can help each of us no matter how big or small the problem is, All we have to do is ask! With her down to Earth approach she will be sharing her life experiences to show how Angels show up in everyday life.