Sunday, 09/24
10:00 AM PT
Encore Alive and Live with Lisa D
Hosted by Lisa D..

Share my Near Death Experience and my knowledge of the experience and death. Share information regarding Near Death studies and stories from others. Assist others with their questions regarding life after death, the other side, and dealing with death. Enforce your co-create and what you believe is what is. Your conscience is your guide.

Sunday, 09/24
11:00 AM PT
Encore Pathways to Consciousness & Healing
Hosted by Jim Komar.
The show is hosted by Jim Komar who is a psychic advisor at 12listen and a master energy therapist focusing on healing at all levels. The show will explore different subjects and realities from the ordinary to the unusual. A variety of topics will be discussed ranging from health wellness and healing, relationships, energy, love, past lives, knowledge of the ancients, chakras, money, God, mediation and much more.

Featured Event

Eclipse Energy 2 (On Demand)

Harnessing the Energy of the Eclipse to achieve you personal goals.

Originally broadcast on Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017 1:00 PM (Pacific Time).

File:Click here to download
Duration:58 minutes
Hosted by: Robert Underwood LAc
Genre: Wellness

Using all the practical steps covered in the past few weeks, we are now using the energy of the eclipse to supercharge our intentions and goal-setting. In addition, we will prepare ourselves to look for intuitive "hits" that will be the universe giving us hints about how to allow the intentions into our lives. Eclipse energy is "cruel to be kind" so getting ahead of this is important otherwise this period of time can be destabilizing.