Tuesday, 10/17
06:00 PM PT
Encore Friday Morning Show
Hosted by Friday Mornings.
The Friday Morning Show was created to capture different voices that were available and willing to host a show on Fridays. From the creative talk show version of A Course in Miracles with C.A. Brooks, to the occasional group collaborations from 12ManyVoices hosted by Mark. Don't be surprised if you happen to hear your favorite host here on "The Friday Morning Show" that's part of the 'Variety"!

Tuesday, 10/17
07:00 PM PT
Encore Living the Good Life
Hosted by Robert Underwood LAc.

We will be looking at health and wellness through the lens of Chinese Medicine. This will include everything from astrology to nutrition and how you can live a healthier life by living according to certain time-honored principles.

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Soul Food For Your Consciousness (On Demand)

Life is Consciousness Part I

Originally broadcast on Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017 7:00 AM (Pacific Time).

File:Click here to download
Duration:55 minutes
Hosted by: Ade Anifowose
Genre: Spiritual Empowerment

Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Johnson joins Life Coach Ade for a discussion on
"Consciousness" and how our understanding of consciousness can help us in
making changes in our lives.

It is also important to understand consciousness if we are to make changes
in our society. 

Life is calling on us to surrender to being pulled by a vision, rather than
being pushed by pain.
#TuneIn and #BeTransformed

For more information about Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Johnson, visit
http://www.InnerLightMinistries.com/ and http://www.deborahjohnson.org/

Also, check out Life Coach Ade's website for his services and products -

Soul Food For Your Consciousness' is just that – a place to be served spiritual food. A place for your consciousness to be fed with just what you need to navigate your day, weeks and life. This is the place to see that all you are going and growing through is all part of your soul expansion. This show will empower you to embrace life and really know that life is for you, not against you. I will be taking your calls and help you in getting to the heart of what really matters to you.