Tuesday, 04/25
09:00 AM PT
The Mark Husson Show
Hosted by Mark Husson.
Directly from his show, 'The Power Peek Hour' at Hay House Radio, Mark is still at the helm - talking everything from astrology to A Course in Miracles. Showcasing his team of psychic Advisors, this show will inire you and infuse you with his contagious optimism. Mark will take your calls each show.

Tuesday, 04/25
10:00 AM PT
Simple Tales
Hosted by C. A. Brooks.
'Simple Tales' is where Astrology and Spiritual Alchemy Rocks! Astrological forecasts, provocative interviews with astrologers, psychics, animal communicators, healers, Feng Shui practitioners and everyday wise ones is interspersed with eclectic music ranging from Billy Holiday to Billy Joel. Music highlights the talents and creativity of artists, singers, musicians, songwriters and composers with birthdays during the week of the show, so you are always guaranteed a varied and entertaining collection of harmonies and sound. Ever wonder what those planets are really up to? Me too! Listen in and you can impress your friends with your up-to-date knowledge of Rising Signs, Mercury Retrograde, T-squares, Grand Crosses, Saturn returns, Lunar eclipses and Void-of-course Moons! Listen in to get your weekly astrological forecast on 12Radio.

Featured Event

Numerology: week 1: understanding the 'Core 5' in your personal chart. (On Demand)

Numerology: understanding the 'core 5 houses' in your personal chart.

Originally broadcast on Friday, Mar 3, 2017 12:00 AM (Pacific Time).

File:Click here to download
Duration:55 minutes
Hosted by: Krystene Du Maurier
Genre: Numerology

Inside of each of our personal comprehensive chart sits something called, "The core 5 houses". Knowing and understanding these 5 houses as well as numbers that are living inside of them can help you with your career and relationship choices, shed light on how you personally process conflict and see the world at large. I will be discussing each house as well as provide a brief description of how each number expresses itself inside of those 'homes'. If you would like to purchase your comprehensive chart prior to the show, please visit my website, Kryschendo.com.