Thursday, 04/27
11:00 AM PT
Psychic Sisters
Hosted by The Psychic Sisters.
'The Psychic Sisters' is a fun and engaging show starring 4 talented sisters. We discuss the current energy, current events and share some of our own magical experiences. We are excited to visit with callers and chatters. Our goal has always been to make the world a better place by spreading love.

Thursday, 04/27
12:00 PM PT
Against the Rules with Brittani O.
Hosted by Brittani O..

Join Brittani as we explore the world around us with a metaphysical twist. She has a passion for helping you get in touch with your own intuition and that's what she's here to do. We'll evaluate the things we think we ''know'', and explore the things we don't and see what resonates and what doesn't.

Featured Event

"Aletas Audacity" the Solar Eclipse, energy goodies for you, PLUS (On Demand)

PLUS = powering up the spiritual, social justice warrior with-in.

Originally broadcast on Monday, Feb 20, 2017 12:00 PM (Pacific Time).

File:Click here to download
Duration:55 minutes
Hosted by: Aleta
Guests: Tamara Childs
Genre: Inspiration/Metaphysical/Astrological

With a roll out of 6 months of supportive energy, the Feb 26th Solar Eclipse is well worth hearing about! Guest host, Tamara Childs and I talk about the ways this eclipse inter-weaves with the current social climate, how to use it to YOUR benefit PLUS, some of the ways the social justice warrior within, can lean into change, maintain deep inner balance and thrive. xoxoxo!