Monday, 06/26
05:00 PM PT
Encore Alive and Live with Lisa D
Hosted by Lisa D..

Share my Near Death Experience and my knowledge of the experience and death. Share information regarding Near Death studies and stories from others. Assist others with their questions regarding life after death, the other side, and dealing with death. Enforce your co-create and what you believe is what is. Your conscience is your guide.

Monday, 06/26
06:00 PM PT
Encore 12News Show
Hosted by 12News.
The 12news Hour is a weekly update about what is going on in the 12 Universe. Mark will interview Advisors and Instructors and Hosts about their lives, their classes and the services they offer. Hosted by Psychic Sisters Kristi Brower and Katie Weaver

Featured Event

Love Infusion (Even in times of confusion) (On Demand)

How to lean into LOVE & deeper connection in complex times!

Originally broadcast on Monday, Feb 13, 2017 12:00 PM (Pacific Time).

File:Click here to download
Duration:55 minutes
Hosted by: Aleta
Guests: Ade Anifowose
Kai Greenway
Genre: Inspiration/Metaphysical/Astrological

Leaning DEEPLY into love with guests Kai Greenway & Ade Anifowose. We are all layered, complex beings, which is one of the most beautiful things to lean into in personal, community or global times of disconnect. Love grows with communication & certainly wants to, so, here's more LOVE INFUSION for complex times! xoxoxo!