Saturday, 11/25
03:00 AM PT
Encore Kindred Spirits
Hosted by Kristi Brower.
Join Kristi Brower and her Kindred Spirits including Archangels, Goddesses and divine beings as they channel messages, offer guidance and healing. Have you ever wondered if you have an Archangel or Goddess who is your kindred spirit? Have you ever felt a supportive presence and wondered who it is? Let Kristi and her team be your guide!

Saturday, 11/25
04:00 AM PT
Encore The Keys Of Awakening
Hosted by Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes.
Join Velva Dawn as she guides you deep into your heart space through the many facets of the divine feminine. Velva Dawn will help you unlock the keys to connecting with your authentic self, heighten your intuition, unleash your inner goddess and walk away feeling profoundly moved, deeply peaceful, and thoroughly infused with celestial energy. Emancipating. Heart fueling. Soul healing. Infinite. It’s an invitation—to shift and expand. And a declaration—of love, to the world. It means releasing the pull to self-sabotage. Choosing from your heart and not your head. And loving and living in a way that feels gloriously empowered. When you align with this energy, you’ll witness your own gorgeous transformation—from the inside out. You’ll cultivate serenity—and wave “goodbye” to stress. And you’ll ooze contentment.

Featured Event

7 Steps to Profound Self-Love (On Demand)

Helping men and women develop the health boosting benefits of self love

Originally broadcast on Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017 1:00 PM (Pacific Time).

File:Click here to download
Duration:56 minutes
Hosted by: Robert Underwood LAc
Genre: Health and Spirituality

7 steps to profound self-love
1) Assess the deficit
a. Addictive behaviors
b. Anger/jealousy/impatience
c. Numbing with alchohol, TV, sports, food
2) Become aware of when
a. Hungry, angry, lonely, tired
b. End of the week
3) Determine what you need
a. Touch
b. Speaking with someone
c. Food
d. Move qi
4) Have a plan to achieve amazing amounts of self-love
a. Get something down on paper
b. Get the materials you need: food, dvds, positive stories
c. Positive story, manifesto, qi gong practice
5) Implement buffers to Bottoming-Out
a. Work up to your limit
b. Have food around
c. Give yourself qi building breaks
6) Set yourself up for self-love with morning self-care rituals
a. Meditate on good day ahead
b. Best self
c. gratitude
7) Set boundaries and protect yourself
a. Realize some don’t want you to succeed
b. Change takes 30 days, so don’t expect habits to be set until 30 days
c. Patience and compassion with self