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Sunday, 10/21
05:00 PM PT
Hosted by Katy B.

Uncover the deepest potentials of your mind/body and spirit and learn how to harness yourself from all dimensions. Here we will dive into life as truly balanced and ascended soul in human form. Psychic readings, wellness guidance and a little bit of play... who knows? There may be some surprises too!

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Sunday, 10/21
06:00 PM PT
Join Velva Dawn as she guides you deep into your heart space through the many facets of the divine feminine. Velva Dawn will help you unlock the keys to connecting with your authentic self, heighten your intuition, unleash your inner goddess and walk away feeling profoundly moved, deeply peaceful, and thoroughly infused with celestial energy. Emancipating. Heart fueling. Soul healing. Infinite. It’s an invitation—to shift and expand. And a declaration—of love, to the world. It means releasing the pull to self-sabotage. Choosing from your heart and not your head. And loving and living in a way that feels gloriously empowered. When you align with this energy, you’ll witness your own gorgeous transformation—from the inside out. You’ll cultivate serenity—and wave “goodbye” to stress. And you’ll ooze contentment.

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857-232-0155   ext  870303

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